Water Sports on Lake Como

Sports for every players on crystalline waters… Underwater, too!

The whole lake is a big natural gym and there are many opportunities to make some unusual experiences! Adrenalinic sports and relax on Lake Como drive you to different emotions every day, always in the blue water of Lake Como.

Kitesurf, Wakeboard and Windsurf on Lake Como
Adrenaline, speed and fun: these the characteristics of sports on Lake Como. There are several sporting centres around the lake, from Belvio to North Lake Como: courses, renting, shops and races for almost all the year.
The wind always blows on Lake Como: Breva or Tivano, the Kites colour, as flowers, the water. Windsurfing animates Mandello and the Upper Lake, where you can admire the most elegant races of this category. Lake Como is well-known for water skiing: several international champions come there to train!

Sailing on Lake Como
Start a sailing excursion on Lake Como: be cradled by the winds and hear the story of legends about their names. Rent service and small picturesque harbours are spread around the shores of Lake Como: take a day to discover the freedom of sailing on Lake Como!

Canoeing and Kayak on Lake Como and Brianza Lakes
The slow movement on the water with only the strength of your arms is an experience to admire the nature of Lake Como from a different perspective. Equipment renting, professional rowing centres, training areas dotted Lake Como and the Brianza Lakes. For decades, this territory creates champions, and today athletes coming from all over the world test their limits on this water. Not be scared: an excursion across the water lilies in the calm water of Brianza Lakes is a great alternative!

Scuba Diving in Lake Como Abyss
The exploration of the abysses of Lake Como is something magic, that attracts the diving lover with its mystery and a special charm. If you are an expert diver or at your first time, exigent scuba diver or with a new licence, if you have passion of journey in the abyss, reaching Lake Como can only fascinating you!

Canyoning with Guides around Lake Como
Canyoning is a sport between water and rock climbing; sliding down or rising up torrents and canyon with expert guides, you can discover breath-taking views and try unique experiences to make unforgettable the holiday on Lake Como. The fight with the nature gives you a thrill in your body, an emotion unique in the world.

Fishing on Lake Como
Between relax and nature: this is fishing on Lake Como! With an annual licence, you can fish around Lake Como and Brianza lakes. Following the opening periods. For who is a fishing lover but prefer the sporting centres, there are several structures around Lake Como for fishing.

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