Water of Lake Como

Pureness, taste and style in the Water of Lake Como

The secret of Lake Como is hidden by Mount Grona, the mountain lies to the sky that covers Menaggio and its valley. From this spring a special water flows unique as its cleaness.
The water of Lake Como is special for several things: geography, grology, climate of Lake Como determine the uniqueness of the local products of this land. The voice of local population highlights the importance for the territory of this natural product, so clear and good to make it unmistakable.

As each product Made in Lake Como, the water of Lake Como is perfect to accompany tastes and typical local dishes; the water of Lake Como is in fact offered in the exclusive hotels and restaurants of Lake Como. The water of Lake Como is expression of this land: flowing out Mount Grona, the water sees directly the view above Lake Como from the most scenic points of the Western branch; the view starts from the North to Bellagio, where you can distinguished, during the clearer days, the luxury beauties of the Pearl of Lake Como.

The water of Lake Como is a high quality product, bottled with cure and art: a Made in Italy product appreciated by all tourists. The water is clean and pure, born in a unique environment. During it directly from the bottle, coming in a world within a world; a vision of Lake Como between health and taste.
All these characteristics recall the quality of the product Make in Lake Como, the taste and the lifestyle that define the “Dolce Vita” on Lake Como and Italy in contrast to all the other place around the world.

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