Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing

Ride the waves in total security… the only risk is having too much fun!

Wakeboard & Wakesurf are two new water sports that find in the calm waters of Lake Como the perfect place to be practiced. If in the first case you are towed on the water by a motorboat using a rope, in the second you ride the waves generated by the motorboat without any tow rope, used only to start surfing.
At first sight, riding the waves behind a motorboat that flies on the surface of water could seem a sport not for everyone. But you will discover that Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing are – all things considered – easy to access practices, provided that an expert instructor is needed to try these two sports in total security.

Wakeboard originates from the fusion of the traditional water skiing and snowboarding, from which takes the board with bindings to which your feet are fastened, that is used to jump from a wave to the other generated by the motorboat. Wakesurfing is the product of the creativity of surfers. When your favourite sport becomes quite a religion, why should you stop practicing it without the sea?

The approach to both these sports is really simple and they both give a lot of fun also to beginners! The only requirements are a little familiarity with water and an expert instructor that must be able to teach you at least the basic techniques of the disciplines, some tricks of the trade and his own passion for what he’s teaching to you! But do not forget about security: life jacket always on and the right type of boat with inboard engine are absolutely mandatory!

Starting from the first lesson you will try the emotion to fly over water with your feet on the board, don’t you trust it? Among the many sports with a board – like Skateboard, Snowboard and Kitesurf that need much more preparation and initial capacity – Wakeboard is for sure the easiest!
To start Wakesurfing is usually recoommended a previous Wakeboard lesson instead, that because the start is exactly the same, with the only difference in the fact that in Wakesurf your feet are not fastened to the board. After few minutes to be towed, under the supervision of a an instructor on board, you can leave the tow rope (that is recovered on board) and go on surfing pushed by the strenght of the wave generated by the motorboat itself.
The emotion given by surfing in the beautiful frame of Lake Como with your friends to cheer and take pictures is a fantastic mix of adrenaline and fun. What are you waiting for? Discover the best places around Lake Como where you can try this unique emotion!

Lino Noleggio Boat Rental di Vassena Fabio – Lungo Lario Isonzo, LECCO – Tel. 328 9114829 – lino.noleggio@hotmail.it – www.linonoleggio.com

Bajawake – Via Lungo Lario Piave 5, LECCO – Tel. 366 3453208 – bajawake@hotmail.it – www.bajawake.com

KTS40 Wind Revolution – Via Vignolo 11, COLICO – Tel. 320 4627996 – comolake@kts40.com – www.kts40.com

Sambuca Wakeboard School – Via Lungo Lago – presso Parco Chiesa Rotta, ABBADIA LARIANA – Tel. 338 6763581 – claudio.dallago@libero.it – www.sambucaeffect.it

THERIVA – Via Garibaldi 19, OLIVETO LARIO – Tel. 3334653756 – nada@wakeboardlecco.it – www.wakeboardlecco.it

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