Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero in Varenna: the villa of lords on Lake Como

Ancient convent and a patrician residency, Villa Monastero in Varenna today is a Congress Centre known around the world. The garden is rich in exotic plants, with statues, little temples and balustrades. A majestic and real building, lays above the elegant shore of Varenna.

Visiting the gardens of Villa Monastero is a journey into the grace of the nature; the botanical garden, rich in rare and particular, settled on terraces, it is a place where the imagination meets the reality. Neither a corner, flower nor a colour that you can resist to admire and catch with a photo. The climate of the middle of the lake permits the growth of the splendid flower species coming from the globe. The route crosses the park and permits to admire all the colours of the garden that seems to melt down in the water of the lake… For each season colours and emotions!

Villa Monastero is also a gracious museum, thanks to all the proofs given by the owners and guests across the centuries.
It is open all year, with particular notices to maintain the integrity of natural balance of the botanical garden and the safety of the objects in the house. Finally, you can reach the Villa from the lake by boat using the dock.

From March to November: 09.30-19.00. From November to February: only Sundays 10.30-16.30.
Winter Special opening (10.30 – 16.30).

Special ticket for Museum and Botanical Garden + Villa Cipressi

Visits allowed in compliance with the rules of hygiene and social distancing to face the health emergency from Covid-19.

Villa Monastero

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