Villa Fogazzaro Roi

On Lake Ceresio, a marvelous journey between novels and beauty

Villa Fogazzaro Roi, the summer residence of writer Antonio Fogazzaro, is located in Oria on the Italian side of Lake Lugano. Antonio Fogazzaro loved this area and used to spend summers here surrounded by friends and colleagues, in the spacious villa that could accommodate all his guests.

The villa’s original furnishing has been maintained alongside a reconstruction of the author’s study in the Alcove room, including his original desk where he wrote some of his masterpieces: Piccolo Mondo Antico (The Little World of the Past), Piccolo Mondo Moderno (The Man of the World) and Il Santo (The Saint).

The complex is made up of various buildings which were added to the original villa built in the 16th century.

Visiting this villa is like taking a trip to the past, with its calm atmosphere giving visitors the impression time has stood still. The family photos and objects will give visitors a glimpse into the life of a middle-class family at the turn of the 19th century.

Villa Fogazzaro Roi

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