Villa del Grumello

Villa del Grumello: villa and garden to visit in Como

Villa del Grumello is in front of Lake Como, few steps from Como, set in a century’s garden. It hosted important people, such as Alessandro Volta and Ugo Foscolo. It was restored in the 2000’s by Villa del Grumello Association and now is a perfect point of interest to visit during your holiday on Lake Como.
The park is articulated in a composite design; the panoramic trails across the garden enhance the different sets and Belvedere. Rich of essences, the park hosts some redwoods and a century’s Ginko biloba.

Rebuilt by the banker Tommaso d’Adda in the second half of the sixteenth century as one of Como aristocrats’ first retreats on the lake shores, it is praised for its seclusion, and yet its proximity to the city. The Villa was also owned by the Odescalchi family, then by the Giovio and, in the second half of the nineteenth century, by the Celesia family. Over the centuries, it has undergone major refurbishments: in the seventeen century by Pellegrini, then in the late eighteen century by Simone Cantoni, who made interventions on the facade, and finally, in 1870 by architect Nessi.
Illustrious figures, including Vincenzo Monti, Alessandro Volta and Ugo Foscolo, were hosted in its frescoed and stuccoed rooms. The frequent visits made by Foscolo to the Giovio family are testified by the bust built in the garden at the wish of Countess Julia Celesia.

In 2006, after some years of abandoning, starts the restoration of the Villa, until giving a new role in the cultural life of the town of Como, as seat of cultural initiatives, events and workshops.

The actual structure of the park is made by the indications of Conte Paolo Celesia, nature lover, but the park was a loved place for each owner of Villa del Grumello. The restoration of the garden permits to recover several species of plants and panoramic trails. The restoration has given splendour to the lake near the greenhouses, the wood, the azalea, a large cedar and several Belvedere faced on Lake Como. The park is connected to the Chilometro della Conoscenza, where Villa del Grumello is the heart.
Today Villa del Grumello and the Park are the seats of cultural events and natural laboratories, even also be an interesting stop during a holiday on Lake Como.
The Villa and The Park of Grumello are open from April to November only on Sundays from 10.00 to 19.00, and they are open every day in August from 10.00 to 19.00.

Actually, the visitors are admitted just in the park. The Villa is closed.

Villa del Grumello

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