Vezio Castle

Romanic fortress and panoramic balcony above Lake Como

This ancient manor-house from the XI century,can be found in Vezio, a hamlet of Perledo above the town of Varenna, a medieval village. Today the castle of Vezio appears as a square based fortification with tall walls and a central tower accessible from a functioning drawbridge.

Over one thousand olive trees surround the construction.
Unique to the castle is the presence of trained birds of prey devoted to their falconers, who entertain the public with spectacular demonstrations.
The castle of Vezio was part of the fortification network that were built along the ancient communication routes that ran along the lake and allowed access to the valleys.

From March to the beginning of November it is open every day from 10 a.m. to sunset. The castle may remain closed in case of bad weather.
Almost every day there is a falconer in the gardens of the castle who allows visitors of the castle to assist in training sessions and breeding of the birds of prey. It is a show to immerse the visitors into a medieval atmosphere, to feel the real sensations to be in an ancient castle so many centuries ago.

Vezio Castle

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