Val Sanagra

Where human are only viewer of the enchant of nature

Just out of Menaggio there is the splendid Val Sanagra Park. An environmental set by mosaics of woods, fields and mountain pastures, dig by Sanagra River and shaped by glaciers of the last ice age.

Low urbanization, wind nature, rare and authentic species of flora, with a particular microclimate: this area is one of the most interesting zone around Lake Como.
The beauty and the peculiarities of this valley is made by the heritage of local population: no more than the primary needs is get from the nature.

In the Park there are several excursionist routes: one follows the Sanagra river, across ancient mills and furnaces that worked by the hydraulic energy of Sanagra, until the ancient rural settlement of Monti di Madri. Another route crosses Codogna, location seat of majestic houses, and brings you to Rogolone, large centennial oak.
At Villa Camozzi in Codogna there is the Etnographic and Natural Museum of Val Sanagra, with rooms dedicated to local flora and fauna.

Val Sanagra

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