Val Bodengo

In the middle of the Mountains, to fight with water and rocks

Canyoning is a sport activity between water and rocks: you have to follow the path in small mountain rivers, across stone valleys, with expert guides. Canyoning is perfect to enjoy in safe.

Val Bodengo is the most known valley around Lake Como, places in the northest area of this land. Val Bodengo offers 4 trails for canyoning, increasing levels.
The basic route in Val Bodengo in North Lake Como lasts half day, with jumps, slides, waterfall, using ropes and diving in clear water. It is located at the beginning of the valley. The other levels correspond to the higher areas of the valley, till the most demanding route, only for experts, that lasts an entire day, with also 1-hour walk for approach, following the trail near the river.
The increasing difficulty of the itineraries is important: hear always the suggestions of the guide. Pay attention to the notices for your physical status: better a lower level to enjoy completely this experience!

Canyoning is a sport of stones and freezing water: you do not have to be a climber, but you need to can swim! Canyoning in Val Bodengo can be done during the summer: verify always with the guide if the weather conditions are perfect to try this sport experience.
Enjoy in safe. All the excursions for canyoning are with specialized Alpine Guides; follow the indications, where you have to pass jumps, slides and falls. For each excursion, you can get the complete equipment and the wet suit.
It is a funny excursion for younger: the easiest path is perfect for kids from 10 years.

Val Bodengo

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