Typical Recipes

The cuisine tells the territory: from lake to lands and mountains

The connoisseur will find at least three local types of cuisine in the Como area: from the lake, the valleys and Brianza.

The flavours of the lake use the fish as basic ingredient. Risotto with perch fillets is the most important dish on Lake Como; other specialities retain the simple and popular gastronomic tradition. The missoltini are the ‘agoni’ fish sun dried and pressed with salt in wooden barrels called missolte, served with polenta. And also: the ‘carpione’, fried and marinated fish in water and vinegar, aromatized; fried ‘alborelle’, smoked trouts in oil, whitefish cooked in white wine and the Tremezzina fish soup with pike, small trout, “cavedano” fish, “bottattrice” fish and perch. Among the desserts, the Resta of Como is worth mentioning, made with dried and candied fruit and a small olive twig in its mix, which brings peace and good fortune.

In the valley and mountain areas the cuisine is humble, based essentially on polenta. One of the tastiest dishes with it is “tocc”, polenta made using different types of flour with butter and cheese; it is cooked into a copper pot on fire: no plates, everyone get a bite directly from the pot, in friendly atmosphere.

In Brianza the menu is composed by polenta with game, or specialities as cazzoeula (a pork stew with cabbage), tripe, and other dishes with sausages, poor parts of pork and agrarian products. It reflects the poor past of this land, where every resources were always used. There are no particularly traditional desserts with the humble ingredients of most of the dishes not matching up to a confectionary tradition. You can try the typical “cutizza”, a homemade focaccia made of flour, milk, sugar and lemon peel, in some recipes also with eggs, or the “masigott” of Erba and the “nocciolini” of Canzo, small biscuits delicious with coffee.

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