Typical flavours of Lake Como

The products of Lake Como tell a story of old flavours and modern shapes

To the principal fish, which feature in the most famous dishes offered by restaurants on Lake Como, as whitefish, twaite, shad, perch, trout, are added less well-known fish (carp, “cavedano”, eel, pike, bleek), and then complimented by regional methods of preparation.
Lake Como not only has fish but also a top quality vegetable colture; the olive tree cultivation which produces today a precious DOP (of protected origin) oil has remained through the years and has even been strenghtened up.

Without forgetting all the dairy products, from pastureland butter to cheeses with the strangest of names: caprini, casorette, zincarlin, semude, piazzavachera, caprinotti, perfect either on their own or to finish off a meal. Fat cheese is a typical product of the mountain dairies. It is produced from full-fat cow’s milk and as it is not skimmed, it maintains all its organoleptic properties. Even nowadays cooking is done in copper cauldrons over wood fires and the cheese is left to season in natural caves or cellars for at least three months. Valsassina excels in the production of dairy goods thanks to its pastures and caves, which retain constant temperatures and humidity all year round and are perfect for the natural seasoning of cheeses.
There the most well-known product is “Taleggio” cheese, but we should not forget “caprini”, both delicate and spicy, “formaggelle”, “ricotta”, rustic salamis and excellent butter.

The area is also famous for the production of different types of honey, for example chestnut honey with a strong, sharp taste or the much lighter, acacia honey and we must not forget the tasty mushrooms and chestnuts. The chestnuts are also used for flour, very precious nowadays for who cannot eat other flour or for particular diets. The most admired wine comes from the hills of Montevecchia, which is becoming more known and recovering discreetly in the quality and quantity of its wine production.
Recently, a small wine production is gaining ground in the hills around Domaso in North Lake Como.

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