Traces of Leonardo

An itinerary along Adda river to retrace Da Vinci’s age

Leonardo da Vinci stayed in these areas on various occasions between 1483 and 1498.
He visited the Brianza area, observed the “Fiumelatte” phenomenon and entered Valsassina to see the mines and iron and copper workshops. While staying with the Melzi family in Vaprio, he studied the navigation of the River Adda and the connection between Lecco and Milan. His precious designs of river engineering were used and the works were accomplished in the eighteenth century. This stay was an inspiration period for the great genius, as can be deduced by the reminiscent, wild landscapes to be found in the background of his paintings, the Mona Lisa, the Madonna and St Anne, the Virgin of the Rocks.

The route follows the course of river Adda starting in Olginate, continuing south until Brivio, very important town for its position, therefore guarded by a massive castle. Stopping first at the ferry of Imbersago, which structure and operation are documented in the drawings of Leonardo. The background of our mountains impressed him so much to the point of being for him a source of inspiration. Some scholars still argue whether the painting “The Virgin of the Rocks” has the mountain of Lecco represented in its background.

The trail along the river can be done on foot or by bicycle, and offers an exceptional setting in the heart of the Parco Adda Nord. This area is part of an Eco-museum to guard all natural, architectural and religious beauties proposing itineraries and guided tours.

Traces of Leonardo

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