The George’s Choice: Villa Oleandra

From the lounge of the Grand Tour to the Hollywood red carpet, a luxury welcome on Lake Como

Villa Oleandra boasts an ancient history, but we think it is much more famous now than in the past: its origins date back to 1700 and over the decades it was a property of noble families, who have hosted the Europeans traveling to Italy, up to the most famous “owner” of all, George Clooney. The villa, despite the numerous interventions over the centuries, still has a fascinating eighteenth-century layout.

 You are in Laglio, a town perched on the western shore of Lake Como, a small town of 905 inhabitants, not far from Cernobbio, between Carate Urio and Torriggia, which extends on the western shore of the lake, 10 km away from Como.

 From Regina Road, that literally passes by it, it is almost impossible see the Villa completely: high walls and gates conceal its beauty. If you want to spy on the Villa you have to admire it directly from the water: you get on board a boat and in an instant, everything changes … It goes without saying that its view is definitely extraordinary! The emotion that captures you is also guided by the thought to imagine yourself as the protagonist of some films, just like those made between that garden and the patio…

 To see Villa Oleandra from the water of the lake is enough to have a minimum of courage and, if the day allows it, to rent a small motor boat in Cernobbio to venture along the shores of the lake. It is not excluded that passing in front of Villa Oleandra you can see in the distance its famous owner wandering around the garden, or look out onto the terrace like anyone who wants to enjoy the sun and the panorama of Lario.

As any good actor knows, the show must go on: take your boat even further and the wow-effect is guaranteed. Most of the most beautiful villas of Lake Como are in the surrounding area, you just have to sail and be delighted! Some suggestions are the villas that house the most luxurious hotels in the world, Villa d’Este and the Mandarin Oriental … When it comes to luxury, on Lake Como you will find only the best!


Edited by: Greta Albano, Adriano Magliano, Letizia Serra  – IATH Academy

Villa Oleandra

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