Sagra di San Giovanni

Fireworks and culture on Lake Como and Isola Comacina

Sagra di San Giovanni, celebrated every year on the last weekend of June on Lake Como, is the beginning of the summer on Lake Como. Connected to the history of Isola Comacina and the territory of Lario, it reenacts the assault to the island during the period of the battles with Barbarossa.
Today the reenactment is only a show, with fireworks enlighten the sky above Lake Como.

The fireworks on Lake Como reenacts the blaze in 1169 made by Como people with Frederick Barbarossa, against Milano. Get the island, it was burned and the hinabitants had to run away to Varenna, on the Eastern coast of Lake Como.
Today it is a festival, that represents the cruel past of Lake Como, but rich in history and culture; maybe we should be grateful to Barabarossa, or a hand of Como man, that had started the blaze on Isola Comacina. From that event in the past so much tragic, now we can enjoy this famous celebration that shows the great past of Lake Como with special effects.

Thousands of spectators every year come to admire this marvelous and magic moment, who become speechless in front of the amazing firework show that enlighten Lake Como. You can admire the fireworks from Tremezzina until the promontory where lies Villa del Balbianello; on the opposite coast, you can reach Lezzeno and look at Ossuccio to see the fireworks on Lake Como. You can also be on the water: special cruises are organized on Lake Como to watch the show; pay attention to the prohibitions from Navigazione Laghi for security.

From the coast or in the water, admiring the fireworks of Isola Comacina is a unique and memorable experience during your holiday on Lake Como.

The firework show usually begins after 10.30 PM and lasts about 45 minutes.

Isola Comacina

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