The routes of Valsassina

Valsassina: The mountain beyond the valley of mountains

A unique piece of land surrounded by still unspoiled nature where hikers walk in a charming atmosphere, an alpine environment that allows enjoy breathtaking views. The towns located in this territory are small industrious towns that hold traces of an ancient past, where sometimes time seems to stand still.
The area offers countless options of hikes of various difficulty that will satisfy both the most experienced hiker and the visitor that is eager to spend some time away from the traffic of the metropolis.

Excursion to Piani Resinelli

Piani Resinelli lies on a long gap at the foot of the majestic Grigne; it has a special position from where you can admire an unique view: in the clearest days or when is windy, you can see from the Alps to Mount Rosa. At about 1300 meters above sea level, this place è perfect for trekkers and climbing lovers: Piani Resinelli welcomes to families who are looking for relax into the nature but also to fearless climbers who are waiting another challenge with a new wall.
Piani Resinelli are a real natural shelter, ideal destination to hide yourself from the daily stress, from the hot weather of summer, from the anxiety during the winter. Everything gets slower there.
A slow strolling brings you to Piani Resinelli, lightly under the shadow of the woods: the stop at the panoramic point is just to take a breath but also to admire the view above the Lake and Brianza Lakes. In the clearest days your eyes could see the contours of the metropolitan cities, far enough to enjoy moments of freedom. The trial continues with light slopes and a brief pass with a dangerous overhang.
The sensation is like surfing softly above the Lake, looking out admiring the views and deceive your to have found a little paradise for your soul.

Pizzo Tre Signori: the heart of Valsassina

The Pizzo Tre Signori (2.553 m) is a wonderful mountain belonging to the Orobie Alps. It rises almost isolated at the oriental end of the Province of Lecco and it constitutes a meeting point of three Provinces in Lombardy: Bergamo, Lecco and Sondrio. It offers an impressing view. The summit’s main slopes are those coming down towards Valsassina, Val Tartano and Val Brembana presenting easy although long hiking routes.
The nature of these valleys is unstoppable: almost without fear, chamois and other animals come to meet the trekkers, returning the curiosity. Impressive but rarely, the silence that cover the trail when an eagle flies calm and relentless into the sky, is a priceless emotion.


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