Route of Olive Trees

A walk on the wild trails between Lecco and Bellagio

On a steep slope, that in interval immerse its feet directly in the water of Lake Como, you find several routes that cover the entire shore of Oliveto Lario. Between vertical walls and calcareous caves, the landscape is rugged and wild. Starting from the water, the olive trees open into woods of chestnuts, hornbeams, oaks, someone with huge dimensions. You can see fields, but the nature is the mistress of these lands, and in this time the view seem more a dense forest. The inhabitants of the wood are not used to be in contact with human.

Starting from Onno, you can reach La Madonnina locality, following route n. 1, very panoramic, above Lake Como and Grigne. It is not long, but there are some technical steps equipped with chains. A more relaxing walk is the route n. 3, that brings you from Onno to Crezzo, following an ancient path and crossing chestnut wood, with brilliant colours during the autumn.

Starting from Vassena, you can reach Magreglio, at the bottom of Monte San Primo, rising up the route n. 14, that follows an ancient commercial route. For the real athlets, or who want to test his limits, the route to Civenna is completely with steps.

A nice stroll is starting from Limonta, place always under the sunshine of Lake Como. From there you can reach Civenna and Guello, places few kilometres from Bellagio, rising up the slopes between woods and olive trees.

Each excursion must be done with the correct equipment and always respecting the nature.

Routes of Olive Trees

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