Romanesque in Lecco

Romanesque in Lecco: a step back in time between sacred and profane

The extraordinary presence of churches, convents, monasteries, abbeys and ancient shrines makes the territory of Lecco, also known for the beauty of its lake and mountains, a land full of history, art and spirituality.
The Romanesque buildings, located in a lively environment, are proof of the ability of the medieval people of conveying a full balance between art and nature, creating places of great beauty.
The theme of Romanesque, in fact, is a common thread that leads visitors through the different naturalistic settings and landscapes of the province to the discovery of great archaeological and architectural proofs that date back to the first centuries of the Christian era.

Alongside the eastern shore of the lake, there are several Romanesque monuments, as the Church of San Giorgio in Mandello del Lario, placed on a rocky spur overlooking the lake. Another example of the remarkable architecture on the east side of Lake Como is the Abbey of San Nicolò in Piona, with its old nucleus that dates back to the Lombard era. In this enchanting seat, you can feel the atmosphere of ancient time: across the cloisters, you can discover the peace for mind and body.
All the surrounding valleys preserve treasures of Romanesque art. Between Adda Park and Parco Valle del Curone, the hills of Brianza preserve monuments of the early-medieval ages. No much richness in art and architecture, but high value for local heritage.

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