Romanesque in Como

The Romanesque masterpieces around the town gives its name to the lake

A characteristic element of the Romanesque in the area of Como is the use of stone as a building material, which distinguishes it from the areas of the plains where bricks are predominant. The material connects the architecture directly with the environment: men use only what the nature gives them. This characteristic signs a simplification of the structures and the decorations: the buildings are austere and simple, in equilibrium with the strange plants used in various churches and chapels.

The city of Como is dotted by some example of Romanesque architecture: the first example is the Church of S. Abbondio, the ancient Basilica of Como, placed out of the ancient walls of the town. Another example, in the heart of the city centre, is Basilica of S. Fedele, looks at the same name square. The lines, the images and the structures reflect completely the Romanesque style spreads over the town. Before leaving the town, give a look to the majestic remains of the medieval walls, towers and doors: covered by the modernity, they support the town centre for centuries.
In the end, on the Baradello hill, you can find Basilica of S. Carpoforo, simple and stern as the tower of Baradello and the other architectural elements of the area.

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