Romanesque around Lake Como

Romanesque masterpieces, between towns, churches and chapels

Drawing the finger across the map is not difficult; finding the best Romanesque churches is a challenge for an explorer who is looking for history and legend. Creating a list of the must-to-see around the land, here below you can find some suggestions for your masterpieces hunting.
In Cantù area, the Basilica of S. Vincenzo in Galliano and the baptistery of San Giovanni are examples of Romanesque architecture and artistic pearl of Brianza. For a legend, the church was built on an ancient pagan temple, then embellished and extended.

Putting attention on the Lake, a nice picture to get is about the bell town of the Oratorio of S. Giacomo in Ossuccio, with the strange bell gable. You can find this architecture during your strolling on the Greenway o before an excursion to Comacina Island.

Running to North Lake Como, the Basilica of S. Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona is something magic as well as majestic. Impressive but with grace, is located directly on the lake, creating a very beautiful place to choose for marriage.
After these short examples of Romanesque art and architecture, around the territory of Lake Como you can find and admire several other artistic expressions of this age, survived to the unstoppable strength of time.

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