Rezzonico Castle

The Castle of Rezzonico: the hardness of the stone to protect the Lake

The Castle of Rezzonico, dated back to the XIV century, is easy to find thanks to its particular high crenelated walls. In fact, the fortress has three crenelated towers, one of which is higher than the other two thus granting Rezzonico its eye pleasing skyline. Its dominating position permits to control not only the lake, but also the ancient Via Regina from North to South.

An arched portal leads visitors inside the walls to a garden which stretches down to the lake. Few steps away from the central part of the castle there is a chapel, named Chapel of the Three Kings: a name got from an ancient painting.
From the village you can reach the castle, but it is not always available for visiting, because is a private property. Sailing on Lake Como from the north to south, you can find it on the right side, opposite to Dervio, village on the other shore of Lario.

Rezzonico Castle

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