Resegone and Piani d'Erna

Resegone: the peak praised by Manzoni gives incredible experiences

Classic excursion to the most famous and representative peak of Lecco, it offers an extraordinary scenery from its summit. The calling from Resegone is magnetic: it stands out from each perspective, as a guardian above the Manzoni’s town.

Trekkers have a choice of planning and setting out on their excursions from one of its three sides: Lecco, Morterone and Erve. All three sides are equally beautiful, and all offer a wide variety of unique routes, ranging from simple beginner-level tracks to more difficult paths and via ferratas. Experts can also enjoy numerous cliffs equipped for mountain climbing.

At the summit of Resegone there is Rifugio Azzoni, ideal to admire the lights and the shadows that frame the town below.
The lazier trekkers can get the funicular railway to reach Piani d’Erna and then get the routes to Punta Cermenati, the beginning of Gamma 2, the bottom of Canale Comera (just winter path), between towers, pinnacles, impressive cliffs and marvellous views. Seems that the mountain sighs with the tired walk of the trekker, to bring him until Rifugio Azzoni and satisfy it thirst for glory, getting the summit at 1875 m sea level.
Insidious route, where really pay attention, it brings you to other thrilling deviations, in summer as in winter, with higher level of difficulty of excursionists.

Piani d’Erna: an easy excursion for families

A great classic for who crosses the Town of Lecco, Piani D’Erna are easy to reach thanks to the cable car that brings the trekkers to the panoramic balcon. Lazier walkers stop there, choosing to return to Lecco on foot or by funicolar railway.
Piani d’Erna are a crossing point, a stop before more complex excursions: the beginning of Gamma 1 trial is an example. The route from this location continues to Rfugio Antonio Stoppani, where you can try the climbing to Resegone’s peak, or you can climb up to Bocca d’Erna, a point through the pinnacles looking at the Northern part of the mountain, Morterone Pitz. From there you can also reach the summit of Resegone.
Often an easy itinerary is the base of a more demanding tour on Lecco Mountains: so big, so majestic and imperious, that trekkers are simply attracted, as flocks of subjects to their new king.


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