Rationalism in Como

Rationalism in Como: when architecture shapes the city

The passage from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century was experienced throughout the western world as an epochal change. This changing was clear in technical and economic sectors, but also in architecture. Not just forms and shapes, but the most important concept was the function of the architectural objects.
This is the base of Rationalism.

In Como, the first signs of the renewal of the architecture were connected to Antonio Sant’Elia’s works: as futurist, he has created a new vision of the city, with skyscrapers and elevated streets.
After the First World War, a group of young architects and engineers started to project elements base on the new vision.
Giuseppe Terragni was the leader of this new movement: his first creation in the town were Novocomum, Casa del Fascio and Asilo Sant’Elia.

To discover all the secrets of the Rationalistic Architecture in the town of Como, here you can find some suggestions; some buildings are private properties, so are not available for visiting the interiors.
Starting from Novocomum, in via Sinigallia, the Casa del Fascio, in Piazza del Popolo at the backside of the Dome, today seat of Guardia di Finanza, and Asilo Sant’Elia, in via dei Mille, during a tour across the streets of Como you can find: the Monumento ai Caduti (open for visit every Sundays afternoon from May to October), located in viale V. Veneto; in the town centre, the Hotel Posta in via Garibaldi and the Hotel MetropoleSuisse in Piazza Cavour, that draws one of the most iconic image of the town.

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