Pusiano Rowing Centre

Pusiano Centre is an international basin for professional rowing

Lake Pusiano, a small lake between Lecco and Como, seems so far from the water of Lake Como… But it hides a secret: it is the perfect place for training all the rowing specialities. Ideal place for professional athletes training, Lake Pusiano and Rowing Centre attract sportive from all over the world: Russia, Cuba, Japan, USA, Holland, Poland, Norway, Switzerland and Latvia.

The Rowing Centre offers a permanent area of race with 8 lanes of 2000 m, a perimeter of 11 km, that permit a complete professional training. The particularity of the surface of the water basin is the absence of waves: it permits optimal results for sportive training at the highest levels.

In addition to the training with rows, the territory around Lake Pusiano offers different possibilities to vary the physical preparation: Ciclovia dei Laghi crosses this area and it is perfect for cycling excursions. Another option is trekking on Monte Cornizzolo, but also mountain bike through the woods around.

The Rowing Centre offers 3 gyms, where play free fitness activities, with personal trainer or team building, then the possibility to use the rooms for pilates and muscular relax exercises.

Centro Remiero Lago Pusiano

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