A land of villages, peaks and paths

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Valsassina is a valley at North-East of Lecco, in the Alps of Lombardy. It is rich of waters and rivers and includes the massif of Grigne, till extend to Valtellina to the North and Bergamo valleys to East. There are several rural villages along the valley, and their life are regulated by the seasons and the flow of the river, expecially Pioverna, that crosses half of valley, flowing South-to-North, to dig the rocks of the mountain and enter the lake in Bellano. Valsassina in the perfect location of your holiday in the nature. It is easily to reach from Lecco thanks to a dedicated main road.


Something interesting about Valsassina

There is something unique in Valsassina: cross it and discover all villages and secondary valleys.



The rocks have a soul


Snow and ice stop the time into a beautiful frame

Discover Valsassina!

Valsassina is the ideal destination to spend your holiday in the nature of Lake Como Mountains.