A jewel between the cold water and the rocks

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Bellano is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Como, close between the rocks of Grigne and the water of Lario, crossed also by the cold Pioverna. This one has created, during the times, a canyon, digging the rocks: its name is Orrido di Bellano. Bellano is a picturesque fishing village, with stretch streets and colourful buildings. It is not particularly elegant, but here you can breathe the real smell of the lake and the nature. From the small tourist harbour you can admire the other towns of the Lake, as Bellagio or Menaggio: from there you can observe the changing in the lake before a storm… Something magic!


Something interesting about Bellano

Discover the power of the water and the traditional fish.



Admire the strenght of the nature


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Discover Bellano!

Start one of the different itineraries between the hamlets of Bellano: reach the Horrid and admire the power of Pioverna river.