Piona Abbey

A corner of peace for you mind in North Lake Como

Placed in a peninsula in the calm water of Lake Como, creating a green bay, Piona Abbey offers one of the most panoramic view above North Lake Como and above the western coast of Lario.

The history of Piona is bated back to 610 a.D., when on the peninsula was funded an oratory dedicated to Santa Giustina. It was built close to the remains of another romanic building, that rests only the apse. In the Seventies became abbey. The nave has marble leons and frescos dated back to XII century. It has a marvellous colonnade (1252-57), rounded by elegant columns and decorated by paints dated back to different times, for example a rare calendar.

Piona Abbey has a mysterious charm, maybe created by the sound of wind that crosses the colonnade of this monastery. Walking around the courts, still cultivated by the monks who live in this marvellous place, you can admire a breath-taking view, breathing a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal to calm down anxious souls.

Place of legends and stories: there is a tale about the knight from the Crusades, who is escaping from robbers and killers of the pope, bringing a precious loot, maybe the Saint Graal, he stopped at North Lake Como.

He asked for protection in a little abbey of welcoming monks, who offered hospitality and good liqueurs. Few days later, he got again his road, rising up the slopes of a great mount. Here, in a valley of chestnuts and torrents, he held back its treasure.
A story for children, between Lake Como, Mount Legnone and Piona Abbey, tells the wild beauties of a territory that still conserves its authentic soul.

Certainly the mastery of Piona monks is a true story: still today they cultivate herbs, plants and vegetables to create herbal cures and liqueurs, always using their ancient recipes and traditions.

Always open 09.00-12.00 and 14.30-18.00.

Piona Abbey

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