Paragliding North Lake Como

Flying above Lake Como from Gera Lario

Start to enjoy a thrilling experience flying with paragliding from Gera Lario in North Lake Como.
Go down from the slope and take off your feet from the ground… Open your heart and eyes and leave all problems down!

An incredible experience on Lake Como is flying. We like fight within gravity: seaplane, adventure parks with pulleys, a historical tradition of climbing. But a must-to-do on Lake Como is flying by paragliding. Obviously, you can take off with a trainer during a combo flight, or take the license for flying. Anyway, it is something unique!
Under your feet, during the flight, you can admire all the colours of the lake, the slopes and the peaks of the mountains, see the villages and town from above.

If it is your first time, you can choose a tandem flight, ready for safe adventure hundreds of meters from the ground, to see the most beautiful landscape in Italy.

The activity there, from Gera Lario, is provided from May to October, open from children to 80 years old; no contraindications, just be able to run from the slope before the take-off and good legs for the touchdown. All the operations are guided by an expert instructor.

In fact, you just sit ahead of the pilot, you just have to admire the views and feel of the emotions and sensations given by the experience. Not just “wow”: ready to scream out? All your flight can be also recorded!

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