Orrido of Nesso

A magic place on Lake Como

Nesso is a little village placed on the eastern shore of the lake, between Como and Bellagio, reachable by the ancient Strada Regia. It has a marvellous panoramic point, where you can easily take incredible pictures of Lake Como, but Nesso is famous of the same-name Orrido, a natural canyon in the rocks, dug by two rivers that confluence there, where the strength of the water through the centuries has opened a deep break in the stone. The union of the rivers explodes in a waterfall 200m high!
The Orrido and the waterfall divide into two parts the little village, a real jewel set in the rocks above the calm water of the lake.

Nesso and the Orrido can be reached from the mountains, following the road to the lake; during the walk, you can see the Orrido and ear the water roaring of the hidden waterfall. Reach long store stairs (more than 300!) go down, passing though the borough and looking at the colourful houses of Nesso. At the end of the stairs pass the Ponte della Civera (Civera Bridge), a bridge with ancient origin that brings you to a rock tunnel… At the end, you can find the Orrido and the waterfall!

You can admire the Orrido by the water, too: by ferry, by boat or by canoe, to be amazed by the colours of the village that seem to dissolve in the lake, and the rocks that try to resist to the power of nature. By canoe, the experience is more authentic, because you can arrive closer to the Orrido, always carefully, and see the incredible natural habitat.

For the sportives, a hiking or biking itinerary connects Bellagio to Nesso (12 km), or another one starts from Brunate (16 km).

Orrido of Nesso, in contrast to its cousin from Bellano, has something mysterious: probably is the difficult of accessibility, the nature that do not want accept humans. Also Leonardo da Vinci has told about Nesso in his Atlantic Codex: “Nesso, terra dove cade uno fiume con grande empito, per una grandissima fessura di monte” (Nesso, land where a river falls with strong impetus, in a large break in the mountain). Anyway, Nesso is a must-to-see during your journey on Lake Como.

Orrido di Nesso

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