Oil of Lake Como

The quality of Lake Como between Expo stories and Sweden mission

The secret is in the quality.

This is the story about Oil of Lake Como, well-known and appreciated since medieval times. The producer families of oil around Lake Como have each one a story, an experience to tell, to bottle with the precious sour of olives. Premiato Oleificio Vanini draws its story for the beginning of XX cent.: the hourglasses brings back to 1905 in Paris, when during the Expo the Oil of Lake Como won with the gold medal. From that the quality and the success was an increasing. After the problems of 70ies, when the extra virgin olive oil has suffered the contrast with soy oil and alternative oils.

With the trend about wellness from great and healthy food, the extra virgin olive oil now is the king of the kitchen. This oil is appreciated abroad: USA, Germany, Sweden… If tourists won’t go on Lake Como, Lake Como must bottle itself and travels around the world.

Another important aspect about the production of extra vergin olive oil on Lake Como is the retraining the territory: the plantations of olive trees have landscape relevance and they guarantee the cure and protection of the hills around Lake Como. We can find on Lake Como the record for the northernmost cultivation of olive trees in Europe.The quality of the Oil on Lake Como is also in its low acidity level, using it in a creative but healthy way.

The secret is hidden in the landscape: a unique frame, good for the soul. Try to think about what the olive trees look at every day, the air that breath, the sun that warms them… It is the microclimate of Lake Como to guarantee an excellence product. Squeezing the olives of Lake Como seems to bottle also the nectar of eternal youth, the extract of good living that distinguishes the atmosphere of Lake Como around the world.

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