Museo della Barca Lariana

Museo della Barca Lariana: the boats of Lake Como celebrate in a Museum

The restored Museo of Barca Lariana (Museum of Lake Como Boats) is a trip to tell you the story of navigation tradition of this territory, where the water is a part of the history of Lake Como. A discovery of an excellence of this land, between mountains, the water of the lake and Milan, it is showed thanks to an extraordinary collection of over 400 boats.

The Museo della Barca Lariana is in Pianello Lario, a small village on the west shore of Lake Como. Created by the will of the association and the passion for the lake and the history of navigation, the Museo della Barca Lariana today is finally open, revealing the history of special and unique boats as well as thinking to future, including AR experiences, digital activities to show the evolution of the navigation culture on Lake Como.
The Museo della Barca Lariana is a place to live, active and modern: it is not only a isle in the small village of Pianello Lario, but a model of ecomuseum that permits the visitor to be immersed in a universe of Lake Como nautical tradition but also, with this amazing reality, the tourist can discover the beauties of the local culture.
The Museo della Barca Lariana hosts a unique heritage within the world, built on the knowledge of local population, on the expert technics and mixed with the beauties of the nautical on lake can give.

The Museo della Barca Lariana is the first one in Europe, as an example of the importance of the tradition as way to tell the territory. The museum hosts about 200 boats, 50 ship for fishing, 100 outboard motorboats for racing and hundreds of inboard motorboats for tourism. The most beautiful collection is of sailboats! Adding to these marvellous examples of nautical, there are also boats used for smuggling, military boats, ship for work and thousands of objects used to build and maintain the boats. The tour of the museum is close with a great star, the most ancient ferryboat of Lake Como: looking at this, you can easily imagine the noises of ‘800, the elegant dresses, the silk umbrellas… And the art of creating boats, unique in the world as Lake Como is unique.

The Museo della Barca Lariana is open for visit from July to the end of September on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 02.00 to 06.00 PM. Extraordinary opening for groups only on requests.

The museum is open: the access is permitted respecting the rules for containing COVID19.

Museo della Barca Lariana

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