Mount Legnone

Excursion on Mount Legnone: paths and walks for everyone on Lake Como

Monte Legnone is located at the end of Lake Como dividing the waters between Valtellina, Valvarrone and Valsassina. Apparently severe in its ending part, it is one of the most visited peaks in the area of Lecco, particularly along the track starting from Roccoli Lorla, offering a spectacular view on the Central and Occidental Alpine Chain and on the Pre-Alps of Lecco.

From its peak there are different crests going down to the neighbouring valleys and towards the lake; on the east side it is easy to recognize the military paths of the Cadorna Line dating back to the WWI connecting Pagnona (Valvarrone) and Delebio (Valtellina). The Legnone slopes are the natural environment of different types of Alpine fauna, being easy to find, from the roe deer to the rock-goat, the chamois to the hare or the eagle going in circles in the air. Legnoncino, a secondary peak overlooking west, offers easy tracks and the opportunity to visit trenches from WWI, perfectly preserved.

With its 2.610 m the Mount Legnone is the highest peak of the Lake Como Mountains and you can easily recognize it by its pyramidal shape. Wild mount, with its hard and impressive shape, it is one of the most frequent peak of all the Lake Como Mountains. It offers an amazing view above the Alps and the lake.
From the summits start several ridges that downhill to the valleys and lake; on the Eastern face you can visit the military roads of Linea Cadorna, created for the First World War, connected Upper Valsassina to Valtellina. Deers, ibexes, hares and chamois animate the slopes of Mount Legnone.

With grace and charm, the eagles fly above the peaks, to control the foot of the trekkers.

Mount Legnone

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