Mount Cornizzolo

Trail of Grigne – Traversata Alta between vertigo and breath-taking views

Mount Cornizzolo is a mountain of Western Lombardy Prealps. It welcomes you, as stopping your journey from Milan. Destination for cyclists and trekkers, it offers an amazing view above Brianza and lakes, looking to the South, and above Valmadrera and Lecco if you look to the West from the peak. You can reach it from Valmadrera, Eupilio and Valbrona.

All the trials have a low level of difficulty, lightly under shadows and completely panoramic. The huge number of trials permits to this mount to be crossed from lots of trekkers and bike-riders. The views from this mount are incredible: seems that during windy days you can see, far away, a blinding light, from the South; they say that is the light from Madonnina, brighted by the light of the sun, cushy and imperious from her home in Milan.

Triangolo Lariano Ridge: from Como to Bellagio across the woods and the valleys of the Lake

The “Dorsale del Triangolo Lariano” is a beautiful two-day hiking trail connecting Como with Bellagio. It follows the mountain ridge that crosses from south to north through the so-called “Triangolo Lariano” area. This is a triangle-shaped area enclosed by the two arms of Lake Como (also called Lario) with Bellagio at its northernmost point. It starts from Brunate: you can reach by funicular from Como.
Much of this trail is easy, and follows mule and cart-tracks or easy paths. From it you can enjoy beautiful mountain scenery. You can walk the whole way or just part of it; there are trails that lead from the main path at the top down to the towns on the lake or into the valleys where there are bus stops or other means of public transport.

Mount Cornizzolo

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