Montevecchia & Curone Valley Park

Strange hills and a valley brings you to paradise

The Park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley, not far from Lake Como has a surface of about 2740 hectares and it is not a cohesive reserve, but a diversified area in which you can find urban towns, industrial estates, agricultural areas, breeding farms and architectural monuments of great artistic and cultural value.

The visitors centre of Cascina Butto was realized to allow visitors to catch the most interesting elements of the Montevecchia and Valle del Curone Park and to observe some hidden sides that would rather pass unnoticed.

In the park there are 11 itineraries bring you to the villages across the woods. This maze of routes and mule tracks cross the picturesque chestnut forest that connects the agrarian heritage of Brianza to the age of today.

Montevecchia and Curone Valley Park

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