Manzoni's Itinerary

Itinerary to discover the lands on the traces of Manzoni’s “The Betrothed”

To visit these places, that the tradition established as the location of the events of The Betrothed, we suggest you to a have a slowly walk.

The tour begins in the lower part of Lecco and goes from the hamlet of Pescarenico, where little remains of the San Cristoforo’s convent but where is located the church of SS. Materno and Lucia. In the Northern part, the itinerary continues into the Olate district, considered Lucia’s native quarter where the two lovers got married, then to Acquate, another district which was the stage of Renzo and Lucia’s love odyssey. Above, on Zucco’s headland, the manor of Don Rodrigo would have possibly stood, nowadays a rationalist building. Following the itinerary there is a rural street leading to Germanedo, supposed to be the place of the famous ambush to the timid Don Abbondio.

In the district of Chiuso there is also the “little hospitable cottage” of the tailor where the liberated Lucia lived and where the Unnamed’s famous conversion took place; his castle should be further south in Somasca, a hamlet outside of Vercurago. This is one of the most representative place of the novel: from there you can really imagine what Alessandro Manzoni would to tell.

Coming back to the reality, you have to visit the Manzoni’s house, where Alessandro wrote not only the first versions of The Betrothed, but also several poems and operas. Here, the Manzonian Museum (Opening time: TU-FR 09.30-18.00 SA-SU 10.00-18.00) exhibits manuscripts, first editions and relics correlated to the writer’s life.

Manzoni Museum

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