Make Como

From Lake to Make

If the worship of beauty and Lake Como is what attracts thousands of tourists to the Lario region, the Know-How – Saper Fare – is the pride of a territory that has always been industrious. From the era of the Grand Tour to the birth of the tourism industry, Lake Como has always positioned itself as one of the most appealing destinations for travelers from all over the world.

This is thanks to the natural heritage, historic residences, culture, and traditions that certain places are rich in. The worship of beauty is what has always attracted thousands of tourists to the region every year. In this context, Lake Como is the element that serves as the common denominator and collector of the overall tourist offer.

However, there is another face of provincial reality that accompanies the beauty and charm of the lake. A new aspect that equally contributes to telling its story and is a primary element of its cultural heritage. In addition to being a land of beauty and leisure, the province of Como has always been an industrious territory. A place of Know-How, where the process of industrialization has left, and still leaves, important tangible signs.

The Make Como project aims to synergistically enhance these two aspects of the territory.

Not far from the mass tourism destinations, there are indeed numerous sites that tell the story of the Como industry. In those places, the traces of a development path that has made some productions famous worldwide are visible.


Enhance, network, and safeguard the business heritage of the territory. To convey to young people and families our business culture and captivate tourists with our production excellences.

The Make Como project – Know-How. Let It Be Known. aims to be the first innovative experience of a widespread museum of the business culture of Como. A new experiment in multiterritorial aggregation of places where the local culture of doing is encapsulated in every aspect.

The Know-How of our territory has immeasurable value. It has indeed been able to shape the course of history, modify the geography of territories, and mold the habits of its inhabitants.

This heritage possesses an important cultural essence that requires care and enhancement. A Know-How that it is our duty to Let Be Known to everyone, especially the new generations.

Regenerate areas with a strong productive connotation through the recovery and enhancement of places, products, and people who have written the entrepreneurial history of the territory.

In essence, the Make Como project aims at the regeneration of urban and extra-urban areas with a strong productive connotation. Places where the process of industrialization first and deindustrialization later has brought about a profound transformation of the surroundings.

In these areas, the bond between the history of the enterprise and the territory is very close, both from a social and urbanistic-cultural perspective. For each area of interest examined by Make Como, the intention is to analyze, recover, and make visible three fundamental elements:

1. The places: the physical spaces, structural elements, and material assets that made a specific production process possible.
2. The products: the outputs of production processes and their evolution over time.
3. The people: those who have experienced these places and preserve their memory, as well as the personalities who gave life to the most striking innovations and courageous entrepreneurial initiatives.

Make Como aims to create an Evolved Cultural District that networks the main excellent production sites in the Como territory, synthesizes the widespread experience in a single place, and connects the sites through sustainable mobility solutions.

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