Leonardo on Lake Como

For 500° anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci death, discover his places in Lombardy

For 500° anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci death, it was created an itinerary across Lombardy dedicated to him; it connects Milan to San Bernardino in Switzerland. This itinerary, routable by steps, traces the visits that Master has made around the territory, with all the information noted in the diaries and codex. Naturalist, alpinist, engineering expert, he had inspiration from the Lake Como views for his great masterpieces.
Here below the steps of the itinerary about the area around Lake Como. The beginning, in Milan, connects the town to Trezzo sull’Adda, following the flow of Martesana and Adda.

1. From Trezzo sull’Adda to Imbersago
This area of Adda River has inspired Leonardo da Vinci: three stones those divide the water can be seen in the background of the painting of Virgin of the Rocks. In this itinerary, you can also admire the Chiuse of Naviglio at Paderno, inspired by Leonardo’s projects, thought to make shippable this part of the river.
Here you can see also the Adda ravines: to pass over these natural obstacles, Leonardo projected a ferry. The first draw is dated back to 1513, but still today, the ferry is moving and connects Imbersago and Villa d’Adda.

2. From Imbersago to Lecco
From Imbersago you can use the Leonardo’s Ferry, that connects the village to Villa d’Adda, in province of Bergamo, on the other side of the river. You can only enjoy the excursion by an electric boat along the river, to discover the enchanting spots where Leonardo fell in love of our nature. From there you can also admire the Paderno d’Adda Bridge, where the design is completely inspired by a study made by the master. In the end, you reach Lecco, where you can recognize the shapes of Visconti Bridge in the background of the most famous masterpiece of Leonardo, the Monnalisa.

3. From Lecco to Mandello del Lario
From Lecco you can choose to get a mountain deviation to Piani Resinelli in Valsassina, with an higher level of difficulty, but you can discover the cave of Laorca, till reaching the trails of Grigna, the firsts climbing experiences of Leonardo on Lake Como Mountains.
In other way, you can reach Abbadia Lariana and Mandello del Lario, getting Sentiero del Viandante, an ancient route used by peregrines and merchants that connects Lecco and Milan to Valtellina.

4. From Mandello del Lario to Bellano
From Mandello continue along the itinerary of Sentiero del Viandante, that passes touching the Grigna Mountains, showing the natural landscape that has enchanted Leonardo da Vinci. In the Leonardo’s notes, there are traces of his experiences on the trail that connects Lake Como to Valsassina, passing Mandello, Cainallo reaching Primaluna. Continuing to the north, nice place to stop is Fiumelatte, the shortest river in Italy, named by the Magister in his Atlantic Code “fiume Lacc, il quale cade da alto più che braccia cento dalla vena d’onde nasce”.

5. From Bellano to Colico
In Bellano, Leonardo da Vinci was amazed by the terrific roaring of the Orrido, that deserves a break. Anyway, continuing of the route of Sentiero del Viandante, before reaching Colico, the Leonardo’s journey had a stop at Piona Abbey, that you can find now in the background of Cenacolo, with the reminding to the bell tower of the monastery. From there, you reach Colico, fundamental point to continue on the travel of Leonardo to San Bernardino and Switzerland, crossing Valchiavenna.

The itinerary, built in steps, is flexible and adaptable to the singular touristic needs.
The beauties of the territory can be admired walking along the ancient routes that in more than 500 year were walked by Leonardo da Vinci.


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