Lecco Rock City

Rock walls around Lecco you can not miss during your climbing holiday

Lecco has two opposite souls: the peaceful and quiet one of a lakeside city and the more active and adrenalinic one – we would dare to define it rock – which gives Lecco the title of “city of mountains and climbers”.

Since the beginning of 1900 the rock faces of Grigne, Resegone, San Martino and Valsassina represent the perfect training camps for climbers coming from Lecco, Brianza and Milan areas. Among them, the best ones brought the name of the territory around the world thanks to their great value sport challenges.

During the 80s, the glorious local mountain-climbing tradition was shocked by a new phonomenon, able to attract a lot of practitioners and to move a new wide public to the passion for mountain and climbing.

The rock walls scattered around the area are the perfect playground for that new discipline: sport climbing. If classic climbing and alpinism tell us about a total need of adventure, sport climbing expresses the desire to discover the land around you and its nature, going up on a rock face using only hands and feet on its bumps to reach the top: anchorings are in fact used just to avoid any danger in case of fall.

Lecco area has a lot of beautiful natural rock walls equipped for the practice of sport climbing and they are often part of valuable environmental contexts and dream landscapes.

There’s a rock face for every one: you can climb on the lakeshore or in alpine environment, on many different types of rock and with every different kind of climbing style! The most part of these places are also really easy to reach and accessible for most part of the year. Find out the best rock walls around Lecco, recently requalified and ready to give you unforgettable emotions, and plan your next challenge on Lake Como!

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