Lake Segrino

A little green lake set in the mountains

Lake Segrino, a little basin comparated to Lake Como, conserves a naturalistic charm unique for all this land. Place of relax and nature, lots of legends and stories are set there. One of them is about the name, Segrino, maybe connected to the medieval times, when Queen Teodolinda has crossed these lands and fell in love with this emerald hidden by Mount Cornizzolo and Mount Scioscia. About that, a root of the name of Lake Segrino could be in Germanic “See-Grün” – “Green Lake”. This legend, with more others, was a muse for Carlo Emilio Gadda, as other authors and artists, who has found in Lake Segrino and in all the territory of Lake Como an overwhelming inspiration.
Another story tells about Saint George and the Dragon, on Lake Segrino. The lake was the house of a terrific beast; princess Cleodolinda was given as gift to this dragon, to calm its animal rage. Cleodolinda was waiting her tragic destiny when a knight saved her, giving her a piece of wild elderberry tree. This knight was Saint George: the entire kingdom celebrated the knight and the princess, for the emotion to be safe, put the flower of elderberry in a mixture, creating the tasty Panmeini, sweet biscuits.

On Lake Como every told story brings you to something to taste, to try, as a view, a sweet or a thrilling excursion.
But Lake Segrino, as a centre of gravity between of Como, Lecco and Bellagio, is the perfect place to a relaxing stop. Its border is completely walkway and close for motorized vehicles. The cycling path is flat, so it is perfect for families and kids. You can also bring there dogs, always with leash and eventually muzzle. You can also swim in Lake Segrino: motorized boats are not permitted, so you can relax at the Lido and then swim in the water, maybe disturbed only by canoes or coots. Looking around you can understand that human is an element of disruptive influence: the flora and fauna in this place live together in perfect equilibrium… Between the reeds you can admire how the black coot takes care to puppies, or with patience you can wait the passage of a grey heron. Do not be enchanted by the song of toads: they could be very deafening!

As tradition, there is a legend also about the animals of Lake Segrino: here lives a pike. It is not aggressive, but the fascination of the danger attracts lot of curious in the water.
Anyway, Lake Segrino could be a nice excursion off the grid that can give you interesting surprises. The full trail is long about 5 kilometres, but the itinerary could be extended, rising up to Mount Cornizzolo or in direction to Canzo. We suggest you to be laziest the second option, especially in summertime: Lake Segrino is located at the end of Vallassina; is under the shadows of the woods and set in a narrow way, it is a windy place. You can leave the car in Eupilio, walk around Lake Segrino and go to Canzo, then stop in one of the gracious locals and pastries that embellish this picturesque borough.

Lake Segrino

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