Lake Pusiano

A Mirror for Brianza Hills with an emerald in the middle

Giovanni Segantini celebrated the beauty of Lake Pusiano by immortalising the landscape and the peaceful reed thickets in his paintings. The village of the same name is also picturesque and is famous for its wonderful fireworks that light up the lake each year for the celebrations of the Madonna della Neve. The village is home to Palazzo Carpani Beauharnais, which in the 18th century was the residence of the Hapsburgs and later of Eugenio Beauharnais, illegitimate son of Napoleon and Viceroy of Italy.
Lake Pusiano is the only one of the Brianza lakes that has an island: the Island of Cypresses. It is a natural hill, which originally had a pointed shape and was ennobled in the Medieval era by two large walls that encircled the peaks to form a little upland area. The island takes its name from its numerous cypress trees and now is a private property, available for visits just on guided tours.

If you want to admire the beauty of the lake and the atmospheric landscape surrounding it you can do so directly from the water, on board the eco-friendly ships starting from Bosisio Parini or Pusiano. There are various possibilities including a cruise that takes you to the Island of Cypresses.

Lake Pusiano is also well-known for its flat water: no wind, no currents beneath of the lake surface, perfect for professional rowers. There is an international rowing centre, but also several local sport associations.

In the end, Lake Pusiano is famous for fishing: lot of carp fishing records are set there, thanks to the great big guests of the lake. For any further information about policy and licence check the rules about fishing on Lake Como, Parks and Reserves around it.

Lake Pusiano

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