Lake Montorfano

A small green lake with cold water and a marvellous view of the Alps

Lake Montorfano is the smallest lake of Brianza. Beyond its modest size, the round form and the always cold water make it the strangest lake around Lake Como. From the streets of the town, you can easily enter the path at the lake, walking around the lake for 4 km in an easy walk. The nature lovers will note that the real boss of the lake is the flora: thick rushes round the docks, becoming home for several species of animals. Groups of mallards constantly patrol the water of the lake, and, if you pay attention and you are lucky, you can admire a belted kingfisher.

The underwater dives of these birds churn up the lilies and water chestnuts that float on the surface, forcing fishes to seek refuge among underwater vegetation to avoid to be pray of their sharp beaks. Nearby the rushes, there are wood of chestnuts and birches on the hills that embraces the lake.

On the banks of Lake Montorfano there is Villa Barbavara, marvellous palace built in XV cent. and restored to get the typical aspect of a XVIII cent. villa. More recent are the ice-houses, those remains are hidden nearby the banks of the lake. The Barbavaras changed the lake into an ice industry, equipping the banks with mechanical tools for the transportation of the largest blocks.

Today, Lake Montorfano can be easily reached by car from Como in less than 15 minutes, and it is a place of relax in the nature and in the silence. On the South-East bank of Lake Montorfano you can enjoy the Lido, with a green beach where swim and sunbathe. For swimmers, the water in the summer is cold and often is planned a race to cross swimming the lake and return.

Lake Montorfano

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