Lake Alserio

The kingdom of biodiversity close to Lake Como

Lake Alserio, 20 minutes from the town of Como, is the example of human has conserved and enhanced his land.

Starting from the centre of Alserio, in few minutes you can reach the Lake banks and start to walk around it. Lake Alserio is characterized by a nature that seems to keep and guard the banks. Long lines of reeds stand their spears to protect the Lake, while a carpet of lilies covers the surface of the basin; the typical game to throw stones on the water is almost an injure to this strong protection of Mother Nature. To testimony of the power of nature on this place, a story talks about Barbarossa, while he was breaking out to Montorfano Castle, he lost the way through reeds and marshes and only his faithful squire saved him from the water.

The naturalistic evidences make rare the natural accesses to the lake. Walking along the banks you can find five old docks, where fishers left at the dawn to return with nets full of perch. Today you can sail on Lake Alserio, but you can only use boats without engine.

The biodiversity of Lake Alserio is the heart of the activities for kids laboratories; there is an electric boat for excursions of the lake, where kids can know flora and fauna which live in the lake and in the surrounding.

Lake Alserio

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