Lago di Piano

A natural oasis between two lakes

Lago di Piano Natural Reserve is located in Val Menaggio, between Lake Como and Lake Lugano.
The small fishing lake, with a coast somewhere jagged, is marvellous during the summer, when the water lilies cover it almost completely. Magic and spectral during the winter, when the place gets grey tinges and the surface of the lake becomes ice.

Lago di Piano Natural Reserve is a great stop for an excursion in the area around Porlezza, just before reaching the coasts of Lake Lugano.
During the summer is possible to stop on the shore, enjoy the peaceful moments of this place and the warm temperature that characterizes the area. But in the winter everything changes: the iced surface is polish, but you can’t skating on. Everything freezes up and mutes: here is the magic of the winter on Lake Como.

Lago di Piano

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