Follow the blowing wind and control the air with your kite

Kitesurfing is an action sport that combines parts of windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding and paragliding. It is composed by a kite, controlled by a bar, and a board. The kitesurfer moves himself on the water with the strength of the wind, controlled by the kite, above the waves; the directions are controlled with the bar.

The perfect place where play this sport on Lake Como is North Lake Como, thanks to winds blow all year. A calm bay, especially in winter, without small boats in the water, in in front of Mandello del Lario, not far from Lecco. Here the winter show of Lake Como is amazing, with grey shades and the strength of the wind.

In North Lake Como in the morning a thermic wind blows lightly, and it the perfect condition for beginners. This typical wind of Lake Como is called Tivano. During the afternoon starts to blow Breva, stronger than Tivano, a thermic wind perfect for expert kitesurfers and for their tricks.

In this time you can admire the kitesurfs and the dance above the water of Lake Como, with spectacular jumps and tricks.

There are several kitesurf centre around Lake Como: in Dervio, Colico and Domaso there are the most important locations for kitesurfers coming from all Europe. In fact, here you can fine kitesurfer coming from Germany, Holand and Great Britain, that plan their holiday for riding the waves and the air of Lake Como.

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