Itineraries from Lecco

Itineraries from Lecco: the air of Lake Como to the air of the Mountains

Lecco, city of history, boroughs, where stones meet the water. Lecco hugs the water of the Lake and lays on the strong shoulders of its mountains. It is the perfect place to fall in love with the nature and to see its energy.

Lecco is the perfect starting point: far from the metropolitan jungle, you can already feel the breeze that from the lake weaves through the alleys of the historic centre. This breath meets, like a slow dance, the air from the peaks, so close that you can almost touch them. Fortunate citizens? They are only a public with a ticket; they assist to this marvellous show of water and mountain.

From the equilibrium of this place, that seems almost ready to fall, you can be only attract from the majesty of the mounts, visible from every corner of Lecco, they want dominate the sky, defeating the modern buildings of the town.

An unstoppable calling, a song to the heart of the trekkers, a poem to who want just touch and feel the walls of mountains, so close, so clear but twisted.

The mountains around the town are not only for climbers, but also for the slow travellers, that walk along ancient routes, be amazed every step. A strolling experience as the last century, an excursion from the metropolitan cities to the green lands, maybe by train from Milan, like a gradual journey from the grey of the city to the brilliant colours of the nature of Lake Como Mountains.

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