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Why invest in the area of Como?

The province of Como is one of the most industrialised and economically advanced areas in Lombardy. 50,758 companies (mainly SMEs) are based here: 40% are secondary sector businesses, 55% tertiary sector (which is currently undergoing strong growth) and 5% specialise in agriculture.

Como’s wonderful location and long history as a popular tourist destination have helped preserve its craft sector, which is still renowned around the world today.

Como’s business environment is very healthy: there is 1 company per 12 inhabitants and the province boasts a professional, specialist workforce. Around 39% of the population work in industry, 60% in the service sector and the remaining 1% in agriculture. The quality of products from the area is reflected in the number and value of exports. In 2010 alone they amounted to Euro 4,581 million.

Key facts


The Centro di Cultura Scientifica “Alessandro Volta”is dedicated to promoting scientific research for the benefit of civil society and the local area. It does two main things:
1) it organises high profile events with the aim of spreading scientific and technological culture in conjunction with national and international universities and organisations;
2) it supports any activity that applies the results of scientific and technological research to the region’s economic, production and social processes. Special emphasis is placed on technology transfer to SMEs and government bodies.


The Landau network is a centre that supports international scientific cooperation and monitors global issues related to nuclear disarmament, WMD non-proliferation, the reapplication of military technology for civil use and water/energy security.

Innovation Hub

7 Research center / Innovation center / Technology parks

  • Science & technology park was built on the site of an old cotton mill which has been renovated
  • The park houses a business incubator which supports the start-up and development of new companies
  • Sharing facilities and resources;
  • Offering specialist services;
  • Providing access to knowledge networks and open plan office space.
  • 10 companies are currently undergoing the incubation programme.

Key sector


Tourism Como can handle all kinds of tourism, including the most modern and demanding activities you can think of. The province has a wonderful art and cultural heritage, unparalleled landscapes, opulent country villas and offers a wide range of services, from wellness to sports and first-class accommodation. Tourism in Como is a fulcrum of the local economy and has just kept on growing over the last few years.

Research & Innovation

The province of Como is home to several institutions of higher education such as the Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatorio music college. All of these are involved in significant projects within a global network. The ComoNext science and technology park is another important local project which supports the creation and development of innovative businesses who use technology.


There are over 18,000 craft companies in Como that stand out for the quality of the their products and competitiveness. This in turn enables them to export to markets all over the globe. The small size of these businesses encourages them to be flexible and to experiment. Indeed, the constant search for excellence and the chance to design and make innovative products attracts professionals from various sectors, from wood furnishings to textiles.


Until recently, the textile sector was the core of the local economy. It still has an important role to play thanks to the experience and competence of its companies and workers, who meet the demands of leading stylists and designers for sophisticated, innovative and technically advanced fabrics. This has also led to the creation of organisations and entities involved in research, analysis and certification and of specialist training centres.

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