Il Giardino della Valle

Giardino della Valle: a small green oasis of peace in Cernobbio

In Cernobbio, a few meters from the road, a small green oasis of peace continues to amaze its visitors: it is the “Il Giardino della Valle” (Garden of the Valley). In the 1980s, Ida Lonati Frati, a lovely and tireless lady who lived near the garden, transformed, all by herself, an illegal landfill into a unique botanical garden.

To access it, simply follow the directions in the center of the city of Cernobbio: from here, in a few minutes the visitor can reach via Plinio where, in the bed of the Garrovo stream, this special place stands. There are no keys to enter the garden: just push a small gate, always open to visitors and, as soon as you cross it, you have the impression of entering an enchanted place, where the sound of the stream is the background of a wonderful botanical garden, with one hundred and thirty species of different plants, with bridges, ponds and many wooden sculptures.

At one time, what today looks like a well-kept garden, was known by the locals as the “Valle dei Rovi” (Valley of brambles), and no one dared to venture into that land, among wrecks, huge rats, snakes and waste of all kinds…


Via Adda and Via Plinio, Cernobbio

The Garden has two entrances a few minutes walk from the centre of Cernobbio, the entrance of via Adda is nearby a small parking place.



Il Giardino della Valle



Giardino della Valle

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