IGT Terre Lariane

Consorzio IGT Terre Lariane bottles the quality of Lake Como

Around Lake Como there are 19 wine producers: quality, patience, passion and courage. These vineyards are cuddled, groomed and protected as a child by the hands of who has grown and produced wines of excellent taste.
The wines of Lake Como, part of Consorzio IGT Terre Lariane, are special and high quality products. The secret is in the producers have believed in their work, in the land and the conservation of the territory.

In the past times, the perception of these products was not completely positive, not associated to quality. After an unstoppable work, the producers of Lake Como Wines has bottled a story to tell.

As Verdese, a local and unknown vine.

After a strong work of research and cultivation, Verdese is added in the Italian official list and the local producers started to use it, near other vines, more resistant but not autochthone.

The result is to create a product with roots, not as a plant, but also times and history on these lands; near the charm of villas above the lake and the luxury of the major town, you can find the agrarian tradition, but modern so far to be the hand pets the ground. These producers, using the local vines and cultivation methods not dangerous for the territory, have created a system to maintain the agrarian lands around Lake Como.

Consorzio IGT Terre Lariane today is appreciated in Italy and abroad, thanks to the cooperation with restaurants and dealers on Lake Como, too.
The red wines have brilliant colours, as rubies; white wines have the shades of the golden grain under the sun; the rosé wines are experiments, with a heady flavours… In a glass of Lake Como Wine there a world all to taste.

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