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Make unforgettable the party for the bride and the groom

For a friend, a brother who is going to get married, friend and family are ready to start the party… Especially far from the bride! Ideas and activities out of the ordinary can be chosen to plan a funny weekend on Lake Como.

Lake Como is always considered as a destination for relax, Dolce Vita and for a calm holiday, far away from parties, chaos, hoopla. But Lake Como has also a hidden soul for parties, fests, especially when tourists are looking for an alternative and unexpected solution to plan an unforgettable bachelor party.

For the madams, who are looking for cuddles for the bride, feeling her as a queen, they can choose to organize a weekend booking amazing suites in one of the luxury hotels on Lake Como; more private are the villas, full of comfort, as oasis in a marvelous desert. When the bride wants to start the party, friends and sisters can tie to a rope and enjoy the bride’s screams from the trees and bridges of adventure parks in the woods of Lake Como. For more courageous brides, or for more catty friends, there is also the option of flight: ready to a tandem jump by the paraglider! The emotions are the common thread of a unforgettable weekend on Lake Como to celebrate the bachelorette party.

For guys, the cards cheat: the suites leave the banks, sailing on the water of Lake Como and becoming yachts. The slow sailing bring the group to each Lido and Locals that face on Lake Como. An endless night full of fun, that brings the group to a morning full of thrilling sport experiences: because if the madams flight by the paragliding, men must prove to not be fear of cold water… And go canyoning!

Maybe Lake Como is a destination for wedding in Italy, but for who wants host friends and relative also during the previous days of the ceremony, Lario offers funny solutions to make unforgettable every moment of each wedding, from the bachelor party to the bbq for last greetings.

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