Arduous and Majestic Peaks for a unique trekking experience

The Grigne Range are calcareous, dolomite rocks, which rise at the eastern end of the Orobie Alps. The main range is made up of three smaller ranges: Coltignone – San Martino, which overshadows Lecco, the northern Grigna, friendly called Grignone, and the southern Grigna, also called Grignetta, with a more spectacular outline and with originally named spires such as il Sigaro (the Cigar), la Mongolfiera (the Balloon), il Fungo (the Mushroom) la Lancia (the Spear).

The unmistakable landscape belonging to the southeastern slope of the Grignetta is outlined with ridges and gullies and then rises to pinnacles and towers, creating the impression of a continual vertical. The Grigne also have an excellent natural heritage with a significant number of plants and animal species.

Not only nature and sport: hospitality and good cuisine are always available in shelters and restaurants, some easily to reach also by car, for example in Piani Resinelli, from where begin many excursion trails.


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