Grigna Trail

Trail of Grigne – Traversata Alta between vertigo and breath-taking views

The massif of Grigne, at 2410 m altitude, is relevant for its landscape, the morphology and the marvellous sceneries above Lake Como. Two summits: Northern Grigna (2410 m), called “Grignone”, and Southern Grigna (2177 m), called “Grignetta”. When you talk about Grigna, you tend to talk about the Southern, where the alpinism is born; famous alpinists started their careers from there, as Cassin, Comici, Corti, Riva… Today these rocks are a gym for Ragni di Lecco, climbing association.

Trail of Grigne is composed by equipped trails not so challenging: put your hands on so important rocks is a unique feeling. From Pian dei Resinelli you reach the shelter S.E.M. Soldanella Cavalletti, where the route starts.

In direction to shelter Porta, you can easily run along the slope, but at the beginning of Cresta Cermenati you have to slow down: in 2 kilometers you reach the summit of Grignetta, with the last equipped step.
From there, you reach Bivacco Ferrario, a strange aluminium structure: the landscape in magic, but this bivouac creates a space atmosphere and you become an astronaut on the moon.

Down, pay attention in the equipped trail, and get the route at Bocchetta di Mala. Rise up the northern face of Grignone passing the crest, then get another equipped route. Reach Bivacco Merlini and get a gritty trail to reach the summit and Rifugio Brioschi. The return in direction Pialeral is safier, until reach Traversata Bassa, under a fresh woods and crossing Pioverna River. Close the trail a gritty step, to reach S.E.M. Soldanella Cavalletti shelter.

Trail Grigne

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